Puppy # 1: RESERVED

DOB: Dec 1, 2021

SEX: Female

COLOUR: Black tri

SIZE: 15-18" expected

EYES: ?? Time will tell

PRICE: $2500

Whiskey Girl

Weight: 0.67 lbs


Black tri female. Blue eyes very possible. Four white paws. White on her chest. She was the first born.

Clear for the full Australian Shepherd panel except possible carrier of MDR1

Birth day!


1 week

pup 1 3 weeks.jpg

2 Weeks

Today I got weighed, got my toenails clipped and got this weird yellow stuff they call dewormer. I did really well with everything!


3 Weeks

3.9 lbs

pup 1 4 weeks.jpg

4 Weeks

4.5 lbs


~ first solid food

~first trip outside, first time seeing snow

~whelping box removed

~played with Sawyer's litter

~meet people family members and children

5 Weeks

6 weeks

7 weeks