Puppy # 4:RESERVED

DOB: Dec 1, 2021

SEX: Male

COLOUR: Blue Merle

SIZE: 15-18" expected

EYES: ?? Time will tell

PRICE: $2500


Weight: 0.59 lbs


Blue merle male with copper trim and a nice white blaze. This little fella is looking a lot like his mama.

Clear for the full Australian Shepherd panel except possible carrier of MDR1

Birth day!


1 week

pup 4 3 weeks.jpg

2 Weeks

Today I got weighed, got my toenails clipped and got this weird yellow stuff they call dewormer. I did really well with everything!


3 Weeks

2.12 lbs

pup 4 4 weeks.jpg

4 Weeks

3.6 lbs


~ first solid food

~first trip outside, first time seeing snow

~whelping box removed

~played with Sawyer's litter

~meet people family members and children

5 Weeks

6 weeks

7 weeks