Lonesum D's Makin The MOst of It

Size: 17.5″ miniature

Weight: 38 lbs

Colour: Blue Merle

Eyes: Left: Brown

           Right: Brown



Drake has found his forever family and now resides in New Brunswick.

Testing: Paw Prints Genetics Inc, Full Australian Shepherd Panel


CEA: n/P*

CD: n/n

DM: n/n

HC: n/n

HUU: n/n

MDR1: n/n

CMR1: n/n

CLN6: n/n

prcd-PRA: n/n

This guy; wow just wow, and look at that copper trim! He is just amazing. His temperament is sweet and loving. Drake was incredibly easy to house train, a total of two pee accidents and we were home free, nearly unheard of! He is a pleasure to have around, is excellent on and off leash, however, he will need some time to adjust to a new family and will likely try and see what he gets away with. He is a very snuggly  and sometimes wiggly sidekick. We are so pleased to know that he is stamping his pups with the same amazing traits. He is medium energy and medium to low drive, he will bark and try to make our horses on the adjoining fence line move to where he wants them, they ignore him blatantly and eventually he gets bored trying. Since covid started, he has not been around any dogs other than our own but would enjoy some social time in the future when restrictions ease. He loves to go to the lake, he is a wader not a swimmer, he isn't afraid of water but he is a crappy swimmer, which you wouldn't expect. LOVES off leash walks in the woods and finding every single last ditch, swamp hole, mud hole and muddle to wallow through. 

*Drake is a carrier for CEA. Collie eye anomaly is inherited in an Autosomal Recessive manner in dogs meaning that they must receive two copies of the mutated gene (one from each parent) to develop the disease, therefore Drake is unaffected by this mutation