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Ella x Saber


DOB: July 26, 2021

This was an UNEXPECTED litter

These puppies will be unaffected by all genetic disorders based on the Full Australian Shepherd Panel and the Full French Bulldog Panel as tested through Paw Prints Genetics.

Ready To Go: September 21, 2021


We did not intentionally breed this litter, much the opposite in fact. Every precaution is made to ensure that during heat cycles that dogs are kept separate. Our children accidentally and without realizing let them out together. They did quickly notice and tried to get them apart but at that point they had already tied so it was too late. We had hoped that she wouldn't take but such is life and here we are. While posting these pups here, we are certain, this will open the door to ridicule but we feel that full disclosure is more important than opinion. We would rather have open communication and opportunity for discussion. We welcome all questions, all the time. Knowledge and information straight from the source is important to us.

These pups are available on a modified and non breeding contract.

Contact us for more information

5 males, 1 female available

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