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Ghost Eye Tiger Lily

Size: 12" toy

Weight: 14 lbs 

Colour: Red Merle

Eyes: Left Eye; Amber

           Right Eye; Amber/marbled



Testing: Paw Prints Genetics Inc,

Full Australian Shepherd Panel


CEA: clear

CD: clear

DM: clear

HC: clear

HUU: clear

MDR1: clear 

CMR1: clear

CLN6: clear

prcd-PRA: clear

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals


Elbows- NORMAL

Patellas- NORMAL

Lily is a tiny little thing, quiet and calm and the worlds best snuggler. She is velcro and there aren't too many places she hasn't been with us since she has come in July. We are taking it slow with her, giving her lots of time to settle in and we couldn't be more pleased. An absolute joy to be in her presence, our hearts are over the moon.


special thank you to Penny Packet of Packet Ranch Ghost Eye Mini Aussies in Saskatoon, SK. TWe absolutely LOVE our Packet Ranch Pups (Sawyer, Capri, Eve, Farmer & Pete came to us from there too!) We couldn't pass up on a chance to add another gorgeous dog from Penny! Our boys are going to have their paws full with all these lovely ladies! The future looks incredible.


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