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Ghost EYe's True North At Coyote Creek

Size: 16″+ miniature

Weight: 30 lbs

Colour: Black tri

Eyes: Left: Blue 

           Right: Blue



We have selected a wonderful family for Prairie

Testing: Paw Prints Genetics Inc, Full Australian Shepherd Panel Clear By Parentage


CEA: n/n

CD: n/n

DM: n/n

HC: n/n

HUU: n/n

IGS: n/n


CMR1: n/n

CLN6: n/n

prcd-PRA: n/n

Beautiful Prairie came to us from Packet Ranch- Ghost Eye Mini Aussies. She is a gorgeous black tri with two blue eyes, also known as Ghost Eyes (as termed by the ancient Native Americans). Prairie has a very sweet and cuddly personality. She loves spending time with her favourite kid. Prairie has great confirmation and a wonderful temperament and disposition. While traveling in the vehicle isn’t her favourite thing, adventures are, she loves walks, especially off leash ones through the woods! She is a perfect sidekick with a nice low drive, she would spend all day laying on the couch or in the bed just to be with her person.

Prairie has missed two heats and we've decided that perhaps mother nature has decided that motherhood just isn't for her. We will wait a little bit longer to make certain that she didn't take in her last heat but we are quite confident that she didn't. Once we are positive she will be spayed and will be available to a forever home. We will honour those interested on our waitlist, first choice but open to new applications as well. Serious inquiries only. We can be available for a social distancing meet and greet to the families selected as a potential home.

Prairie is available on a modified contract only and will be spayed.


*Prairie is clear by parentage on the full Aussie panel, however may be either positive or a carrier for MDR1

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