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Please read our Puppy Contract and fill out our Puppy Questionnaire if you are interested in being added to our Waitlist. Someone will contact you, in a timely matter, once you submit the form. Also be sure to read our Contract. Every single puppy is sold on a contract. No exceptions. We primarily work off of a waitlist. Our litters are planned to fulfill the list of patiently waiting puppy parents.


Occasionally we may have extra puppies available. They will always be listed here on the page and NEVER on our FACEBOOK PAGEas per Facebook regulations regarding NO animal sales. Please feel free to join the group and see all the pup-dates.


Check it out our questionnaire below!

**Our puppies are raised on Puppy Culture. We encourage you to continue with the program when you take your puppy home**


All of our puppies, unless born (NDT) naturally docked- which occasionally does happen, will have tails and dew claws intact. Opinions either way are just that, opinions. In Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and, recently, Alberta, Canada, it is illegal to remove tails and/or dew claws. 5/6 of our Aussies have NO tails. They came that way when we purchased them outside of this province, and/or country. We love them all just the same, tail or none. Their little butts still wiggle with joy either way.



We will now be offering 6 weeks of free pet insurance with Pet Secure!

Have you ever had to rehome a pet?
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Thanks for answering our puppy questionnaire! We will confirm receipt of your submission shortly.

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