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Ghost Eye Rein


Size: 15" mini

Weight: 25 lbs 

Colour: Red Merle

Eyes: Left Eye; Blue

           Right Eye; Blue


*Rein is a carrier for MDR1 so potentially affected by specific drugs known to cause problems in dogs with this mutation. We treat all our dogs as though they are positive for MDR1 as we feel it is always better to be safe than sorry. To find out more visit our page explaining MDR1.


Testing: Paw Prints Genetics Inc,

Full Australian Shepherd Panel


CDDY with IVDD WT/WT clear

CEA: WT/WT clear

CD: WT/WT clear

CO: WT/WT clear

DM: WT/WT clear

HC: WT/WT clear

HUU: WT/WT clear

ICM: WT/WT clear

MDR1: WT/M *carrier

CMR1: WT/WT clear

CLN6: WT/WT clear

prcd-PRA: WT/WT clear

Additional Testing:

CDPA- cd/cd no leg shortening

M Locus (Merle) m/m non merle

S Locus S/S no white spotting, parti or piebald

NAD- pending 


Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals OFA


Elbows- NORMAL

Patellas- NORMAL

Rein showed up ready to be the beat of our hearts right off the plane. She made her way not only into our hearts but into the bed, which now belongs to her but we are allowed to sleep there too. She is quiet, silly, and though she's an angel in the house she knows how to have fun outside. We never could have known how much our lives needed Rein until she came here and showed us. She's a forever girl and has my whole heart in her paws.


As always a HUGE thank you to Penny at Packet Ranch for always providing us with the absolute most perfect pups <3

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