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CCF Foxy Thea Patra

Size: 17″ miniature

Weight: 32 lbs

Colour: Red tri

Eyes: Amber


Puppy Nanny

Thea has been spayed and will enjoy a comfy life helping around the farm. She has been promoted to Puppy Nanny and her influence will be greatly appreciated by us all. She is an excellent teacher of the young puppy litters. Many trail rides are in her future!

Thea was the heart and start of our breeding program. She is the sweet soul who led us on this journey and taught us the truest meaning of love and devotion. She is a queen in her own right and owns every minute of it. Thea has a low to medium drive but all the on-demand energy you could ever hope for. Her absolute favourite activity is accompanying us on trail rides, car rides or walk-abouts. Otherwise you’ll find her in the house curled up in her favourite spot, or often someone else’s. She is polite and mannerly and a very good guard dog.


*Thea is a carrier for DM. Degenerative myelopathy is inherited in an Autosomal Recessive manner in dogs meaning that they must receive two copies of the mutated gene (one from each parent) to develop the disease, therefore Thea is unaffected by this mutation.

Testing: Animal Genetics Inc,

Australian Shepherd Panel


Cone Deg: n/n

CEA: n/n

CMR1: n/n

DM: n/DM*

HC: n/n

MDR1: n/n

prcd-PRA: n/n



MMA Hearts On Fire At Coyote Creek

Size: 16″ miniature

Weight: 45 lbs

Colour: Black Bi

Eyes: Left: Blue

           Right: Blue


Testing: Paw Prints Genetics Inc,

Full Australian Shepherd Panel













prcd-PRA: WT/WT

*B Locus- B/B, does not carry brown

This means that he can not produce red puppies with a blue merle or black bi/tri even if the female carries a copy. 



Hips: pending reevaluation

Elbows: Normal

Patellas: Normal

In everyway, Saber has not disappointed. I am grateful every day that I took the leap and flew to Missouri.  We are always striving to improve our program on EVERY level, to provide families with amazing pups and have a client service second to none. We believe in quality over quantity and this little handsome fella is the step in best direction! Work hard towards your goals and it will prove to you dreams can come true. This boy is everything to me. It was a bit of a challenge getting him here but worth every second and every penny. He is the quietest most laid back bear cub you could ever hope to meet. He's snuggly and smarter than a whip and worked his way into our bed from night one in the hotel on the way home. Not only will he add body and bone to our program but his temperament is second to none. From the first moment I wrapped my arms around his little sheep wool body I knew my heart was his. 


A special thank you to Rachel Masters of Masters Mini Aussies in Kansas City, MO. The adventure begins and he will leave a legacy here for sure. His star line up of beauties include Sawyer, Sawyer's half sister Capri, and Eve who came to us from the lovely Penny of Packet Ranch Ghost Eye Mini Aussies, and Tallulah who also came from Rachel Together we are going to achieve great things! 

He is handsome black bi, meaning he has two colours white and black and no copper, expected to retain two blue eyes and he is full panel clear for all genetic mutations tested in Australian shepherds! He is a long awaited and it brings me great pride to have him join our pack.

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