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Registered Miniature Australian Shepherds
About Me


Please fill out our Puppy Questionnaire if you are interested in being added to our Waitlist. Someone will contact you, in a timely matter, once you submit the form. Also be sure to read our Puppy Contract. Every single puppy is sold on a contract. No exceptions. We primarily work off of a waitlist. Our litters are planned to fulfill the list of patiently waiting puppy parents. Occasionally we may have extra puppies available, they will always be listed here on the website.


You can also see updates of puppies on our  Facebook page.

No puppies will be listed as available on our Facebook page, as per Facebook regulations. 


Check it out below!

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What do our puppies come with?

Our dogs are all registered through the American Stock Dog Registration (ASDR) and some dual registered with American Kennel Club (AKC), they have all been genetically tested via Paw Prints Genetics for the FULL Australian shepherd panel for genetic mutations/diseases. We are currently getting everyone tested through the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals, all hips, elbows and patellas will be completed, some are done now. Those too young to receive their finals will get preliminaries in the interim. Our pack lives with us in house, underfoot, as part of the family, which is our first and foremost priority. Some of our dogs help out around the farm but we've sourced the majority from non working lines. While they do have the desire to work, the desire it isn't as strong as some of the working lines, making them very versatile companions. We like to refer to our dog's energy levels as "on demand", it’s there when you need it and then they are settled in the house, Netflix and chill anyone? This intelligent, loyal breed has a lot to offer as a family companion. They are easy to train, smart beyond definition, loyal and loveable. If you are looking for a best friend, you will surely find one in a mini Aussie.


All our pups come on a non-breeding contract, limited ASDR registration, a copy of their parents genetic health tests, amazing puppy pack that includes information, starter food, coupons, treats, toy, blanket and puppy culture exercise guidelines. Each pup will have been dewormed every two weeks starting at two weeks, receive their first set of core vaccinations, microchip, 6 weeks free trial of pet insurance, health guarantee, lifetime breeder support and are raised on Puppy Culture. (We strongly suggest following up with puppy culture when you take your puppy home- the proof really is in the puppies!)


We raise our puppies on Puppy Culture (more info can be found at We use the program to help better adjust our puppies to the big world outside. Your puppy will have been exposed to a variety of situations from house hold daily activities and routines to car rides and lake swims (when weather permits). We've also started your puppy on potty training and crate training to help make the transition much easier for you. At 8 weeks old we will gather and take the pups through a mini obstacle course appropriate for their growth and development.  **DUE TO COVID 19; there will not be having visits or the puppy party. We are working hard to transition to digital visit.

Puppies aren't priced until they are born and the litter is evaluated. Puppies are not priced based on coat or eye colour. At this time we are not selling any pups with breeding rights. As per the Puppy Contract, the puppy will have to be spayed or neutered between 6 and 12 months. Please be sure to read the Puppy Contract prior to inquiring about a pup.

Shipping is available. 

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