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Wish was one of the hardest choices we've ever made when selecting a puppy. That is a testament to Packet Ranch and how amazing their dogs are. We had such a hard job selecting between pups because they were ALL amazing. It took a long time but we couldn't be happier with our choice. This little rag-a-muffin is a snuggler, kangaroo bouncer an all around joy. She is an EASY puppy, sometimes, other than nearly tripping on her constantly because she is forever between my feet, I forget that she is even a puppy. While she is super fun and playful she is equally smart and loyal, quick to pick up on everything, especially potty training! She is making our lives too easy, said no puppy mom ever, but it's true. She's one in a million, our little Wish.

Ghost Eye A Dream Is A Wish The HEart Makes @CC

Size: 16″ (estimated) miniature

Weight: 25lbs (estimated)

Colour: Blue Merle 

Eyes: Left: blue    Right: blue

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