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PChs Rafter O's Tiny Scout Tag Along


Size: 12.5" toy

Weight: 25 lbs a little plump but it is winter and all, not bikini season yet!

Colour: Black with copper trim

Eyes: Left Eye; Brown

           Right Eye; Brown


*Tiny is a carrier for MDR1 so potentially affected by specific drugs known to cause problems in dogs with this mutation. We treat all our dogs as though they are positive for MDR1 as we feel it is always better to be safe than sorry. To find out more visit our page explaining MDR1.


Testing: Paw Prints Genetics Inc,

Full Australian Shepherd Panel


CDDY with IVDD WT/WT clear

CEA: WT/WT clear

CD: WT/WT clear

CO: WT/WT clear

DM: WT/WT clear

HC: WT/WT clear

HUU: WT/WT clear

ICM: WT/WT clear

MDR1: WT/M *carrier

CMR1: WT/WT clear

CLN6: WT/WT clear

prcd-PRA: WT/WT clear

Additional Testing:

CDPA- cd/cd no leg shortening

M Locus (Merle) m/m non merle

S Locus S/S no white spotting, parti or piebald

NAD- pending 

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals OFA

Hips- FAIR

Elbows- NORMAL

Patellas- NORMAL


Well, excited HARDLY begins to cover it, we did a thing, well we bought a guy. ((PROOF-money can buy some super furry happiness!)) Ever, please meet Tiny. This little powderpuff ball of fluff is truly a little dude. He's cool, he's got swag and he's got TONS of lovins. He arrived off the plane ready to snuggle. Ran in and stretched out on the couch so I guess he feels right at home. This tiny man is going to pack a big punch around here. His line up of ladies is looking pretty smart too! Stay tuned to see what our Tiny stud muffin produces! He's proven that he makes beautiful babies. 


As always a HUGE thank you to Penny at Packet Ranch for always providing us with the absolute most perfect pups <3

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