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Planned Litters

If you would like to join our waitlist for a future puppy please be sure to read our Puppy Contract and fill out our Puppy Questionnaire



OFAs:      HIPS: Excellent

                ELBOWS: Normal

                PATELLAS: Normal

Laramie x FARMER

ARRIVED Mar 21st, 2024

Born: March 21, 2024

RTG: May 16, 2024

Colours: 1 Black Tri (BT), 4 Blue Merle (BM), 2 Red Tri (RT), 1 Red Merle (RM)


Possibility of blue eyes

Expected Sizes: 16-18"

These puppies will be CLEAR for the full Miniature Australian Shepherd Panel except possible Carrier of MDR1and possible carrier of *prcd-pra and unaffected by all other genetic disorders based on the Full Australian Shepherd Panel as tested by Paw Prints Genetics Lab.

As a carrier or prca-pra, no puppies will actually have problems associated with this disease. Two copies of the gene would be required for problems to occur. Farmer, who is the carrier, could not be bred to another dog who also carries the gene because it would result in some affected puppies. This is why it is critical to run health testing.

Explanations of the genes, traits and diseases we test for can be found on our Articles page.


FULL  PANEL CLEAR except carrier for prcd-pra

OFAs:     HIPS: Good

               ELBOWS: Normal                                         PATELLAS: Normal

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